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Let’s Fix Your Plumbing Problems!

Do you have a leaky faucet or toilet that runs? These cost homeowners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per year unnecessarily. For a fraction of the cost, we can stop your drip which saves you money. Why wait any longer?

We don’t just fix leaks. We also install toilets, sinks, faucets, hot water tanks and more. We run new copper and pex pipe and can help with waste lines and venting. We can handle almost all of your plumbing needs with one notable exception:

Sorry, we do not unclog blocked sewer lines for $59 or $99. We caution you to stop and think: who is going to send a technician to sludge through your sewer filled basement and unclog your line for less money than a large family can eat at McDonald’s? The answer is a company that hopes to sell you a new sewer line or other expensive work. When your basement is filled with your sewer-  you are a prime target for the slick salesman . . . Caveat emptor.