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Painting & Staining

Paint, Stain, Spray & More

A fresh coat of paint can breathe life into any room, exterior, or piece of furniture. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor paint job, our experienced team of home improvement professionals can help. We know that proper preparation is the key to a great paint or stain job. After preparation, we believe a high quality paint makes a big difference and so does the painter’s technique. Most homeowner’s think painting is easy but it is usually obvious which paint jobs were done by homeowners and which paint jobs were done by professionals.

Key things to consider when evaluating a paint or stain job are uniformity of color, crispness of lines, cleanliness and the overall look and feel of the finished project.  If you want painting done right with attention to detail and professionalism than call Handyman For Less and save money.

Yes, we do that!