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Mold Remediation

Let’s get rid of your mold . . . NOW!

Did you know there are is no required course or special license to remove mold in Pennsylvania? That’s bad news for an unsuspecting homeowner. This means any goof can remove mold legally. The problem is, if mold is not removed properly it can actually make matters significantly worse by spreading spores throughout your home.

Don’t worry, we take the utmost precautions to protect your family and our employees. This means we meet or exceed the EPA’s published guidelines. If we encounter larger projects, we follow the EPA guidelines for the safe remediation of mold in schools. Either way, we can get rid of your mold and offer a warranty against its return.

Don’t live with mold that can harm you or your family. Call Handyman For Less now and breath easier knowing your job will be done right for a fraction of the cost of mold remediation specialists.

Yes, we do that!