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Floor Install/Repair

Let’s Fix That Floor

Do you have hardwood floors with broken, damaged or loose boards? Do you have carpet that is not laying right? How about broken tile or missing grout? We fix all these things and more. We have done some amazing color matches on hardwood floor repairs. We have lots of cool tricks to match materials we can’t buy anymore. Don’t replace your floor because of damage until you hear what we can do.

We also install new floors. Whatever flooring type you choose from hardwood to laminate to tile we do it all. We are easier to schedule and can complete the job much sooner than your big box store. Of course, we also do baseboard and trim molding for the complete job.

Yes, we do that!

Sorry, we do not install carpet. There are too many carpet resellers that hide new carpet installation prices in the price of materials or vice versa. We don’t like to get involved in these kind of gimmicks and steer clear of competing in a non-transparent way.