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Exterior Repairs

Do you need exterior repairs?

We do almost all exterior repairs. Let Handyman For Less give you the information you need to make an intelligent decision if repairing or replacing is your best option. Surprisingly, our bias is towards attempting the cheaper more affordable repair option first if at all possible. Sometimes this solves the problem and you save $1,000’s of dollars.

There is an old saying that goes, “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” Well, never ask a home improvement contractor if an item can be repaired because most often a contractor’s interests and expertise is not in repairs but in the tear out of old and the installation of new product. They have crews and schedules and can’t be bothered with your minor repair. However, if you agree not to repair and instead replace new, then you significantly increase the size of the job and consequently the contractor’s interests. Now, they can sell a big ticket item and utilize their larger crews.

Handyman For Less specializes in 1 and 2 person jobs. We specialize in repairs. We can assign more contractors to your job and do larger projects but this is not our focus. We focus on home repairs and small to medium sized remodeling projects. Our interests lie in building long-term relationships. After dealing with us, you will never want to talk to a traditional contractor again. Even better, we prevent the big problems that lead to costly home improvements. See the difference?

Yes we do that!