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Let’s Save on Electrical Repairs

Faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires in America. For your safety, you should never ignore electrical issues. Always have your home checked by a qualifed technician if you suspect something is unusual.

Do your lights dim when an appliance turns on? (often a sign of a bad ground.) Do all your outlets and switches work? (often a sign of a bad outlet or connection or disruption of current somewhere earlier.) Does a particular breaker keep tripping? (usually an overloaded circuit but could also be a bad breaker or damaged wire.) These are all problems we have solved for homeowners this year. We can solve your problems too!

We don’t just fix electrical problems, we also install new lights, ceiling fans, circuits, breakers, wiring, outlets, switches, smoke detectors, GFCI receptacles and so much more. All work is performed by a qualified technician in accordance with code.

Yes, we do that!

Sorry, we don’t install new service lines, panel box upgrades or complete whole house rewires.